Cures For Ringworm

Published: 09th February 2011
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There are many know cures for ringworm ranging from old fashioned home remedies to the more traditional medicines and more. They come in all shapes and sizes including pastes, creams, gels, sprays, shampoos and a whole host of others. Many people ask me which ones actually work and how quickly they work. I wish there was a simple answer for that but there are different types of ringworm and it is important to match the right cure to the right variant of ringworm.

Different Types Of Ringworm

Ringworm is a fungus and not a worm and is the general and common names given to a fungus that causes and infection of the skin, scalp or nails. Athlete’s Foot is a variant of ringworm for example and one of the toughest to get rid of quickly. Ringworm impacts at any given time on around one in every five people. This is due to its contagious and easily spread nature. The one very strange thing about ringworm is that you actually have the disease before you even know it or show any symptoms. That makes it almost impossible to prevent. It is also easily transmitted so all in all, ringworm is one of those skin diseases that exists and will be around for a very long time.

Cures For Ringworm

There has been much written about the various cures for ringworm and much of it is idle speculation based on absolutley no fact at all. There are many who swear by what are known as alternative methods and personally I give this lot a quick shift. I do think alternatives like this sound as if they can help and many believe that they were used long before the arrival of medicines as we know them today. My answer to that is if they were so successful, then why did modern day medicines have to be found to replace them. Lavender, tea tree oil, garlic, toothpaste and the host of alternatives may indeed be good for you in some general way, but there is not a single jot of evidence that they get rid of ringworm of any kind.

In a similar way, I have read of countless home remedies like, mustard seeds, papaya, castor oil, tumeric, basil leaves and holy water. With all due respect to these and I am sure they all have a place in people’s lives that place is not to cure ringworm. I have seen frequently and regularly on the Internet the recommendation of using bleach and even disinfectant as a way of curing ringworm and even if it does, surely common sense should tell you not to put bleach onto an open sore.

Modern Cures for Ringworm

There are literally hundreds of different creams available on the open market specifically targeted at curing ringworm and these are always more effective at curing ringworm than rubbing them with an onion. Many of the leading pharaceutial brands have now got some type of cream to cure ringworm. There are even side effects with these and you should read the instructions very carefully especially if you have any type of liver condition.

We all need to look after our health and getting quick effective and early treatment is a very good way of doing just that. Ringworm in humans can be not only embarassing, but it is also highly irritating and extremely itchy. If you want a proven method for relief that you can download today then visit:

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